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It was the providence of God, and the dreams of Barbara Swerden, that gave Opportunity Camp its beginning. While working for the County of Social Services Department, Barbara learned that money was available for a Christian based camp serving disadvantaged children. Swiftly accessing these funds, Barbara contacted the minister at San Leandro Church of Christ, Victor Rodriguez, to direct the first Opportunity Camp session in 1970. Since then, Opportunity Camp has thrived with the past

leaders, Ernest Hillman, Boyce McLain, Ed Walters, and current director, Ken Cheda. Opportunity Camp has been providing a safe and enriching camping experience for underprivileged children in Contra Costa County for over 50 years. The organization has expanded to other states, hosting several camps with the same mission of making a positive impact on the lives of children. Gulf Club Rd Church of Christ in Midland Texas, Southside Church of Christ in Mineral Wells, Texasand Baker Heights Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas are also hosting camps modeling our same mission.


The History of Opportunity Camp


Opportunity Camp represents a unique partnership of government, business, church, and community leaders that are dedicated to serving the disadvantaged of Contra Costa County.


Opportunity Camp works directly with the Contra Costa County Department of Social Services (VESTIA Program). This program provides services and goods to low-income and underprivileged families, foster children, and adults when assistance is not available from other resources. VESTIA works closely with Contra Costa County's Employment and Human Services Department (Social Services). For 25 years, VESTIA has provided a conduit to focus the desire, energy, and resources of local citizens and businesses to make a positive difference in our community.

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Since its founding in 1969, Opportunity Camp has worked closely with the Churches of Christ. Opportunity Camp is staffed annually by over 130 volunteers, many of whom are Christians from the Church of Christ. Our volunteers come from across the United States to serve the children through this program. These churches include:

  •   San Leandro Church of Christ, San Leandro CA.

  •   Martinez Church of Christ, Martinez CA.

  •   Walnut Creek Church of Christ, Walnut Creek CA.

  •   Sunset Church of Christ, Lubbock TX

  •   Golf Club Rd Church of Christ, Midland TX

  •   Church of Christ, Abilene TX

  •   Woodland West Church of Christ, Arlington TX

  •   Broadway Church of Christ, Lubbock TX

  •   Mineral Wells Church of Christ, Mineral Wells TX

  •   Davis Park Church of Christ, Modesto CA.

  •   Eastside Church of Christ, Antioch CA.

  •   Tri Valley Church of Christ, Livermore CA.

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